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Past Polls

Which of these statements best expresses your opinion of all the roster moves that have happened this year and will happen next year? See the blog post of 1/19 for more background on this subject. (Posted 01.18.18.)

I have no problem with it - it's good for Coach Smith to make the team "his" as quickly as possible. bar 36.1% (30 Votes)
It does seem like a lot of changes, but I'm supportive of whatever Coach Smith decides to do. bar 8.4% (7 Votes)
I'm disappointed to see so many players leaving but hope that it will lead to a better team. bar 16.9% (14 Votes)
I'm very concerned that so many players leaving early might have a negative effect on the team. bar 32.5% (27 Votes)
None of these statements expresses my opinion. bar 6.0% (5 Votes)

Total Votes: 83

Now let's look at the defense. Which returning d-man do you expect to have the biggest impact this season? (Posted 11.02.17.)

TJ Samec bar 15.0% (22 Votes)
Tommy Grant bar 3.4% (5 Votes)
Charlie Manley bar 0.7% (1 Votes)
Meirs Moore bar 2.7% (4 Votes)
Jared Wilson bar 13.6% (20 Votes)
Mike Prapavessis bar 3.4% (5 Votes)
Will Reilly bar 61.2% (90 Votes)

Total Votes: 147

A new season is underway! Which returning forward do you expect to make the biggest contribution this year? (Posted 10.04.17.)

Evan Tironese bar 34.9% (22 Votes)
Viktor Liljegren bar 28.6% (18 Votes)
Jacob Hayhurst bar 15.9% (10 Votes)
Max Reisinger bar 1.6% (1 Votes)
Brady Wiffen bar 4.8% (3 Votes)
Jake Marrello bar 1.6% (1 Votes)
Jesper Ohrvall bar 4.8% (3 Votes)
Patrick Polino bar 7.9% (5 Votes)

Total Votes: 63

The decision has been made! What are your expectations of new RPI head coach Dave Smith in the next five years? (Posted 04.06.17.)

I expect what Dr. McElroy has indicated - an ECAC championship! Go Red! bar 7.7% (32 Votes)
I'm not sure about a championship, but I do expect at least a couple of ECAC tournament appearances. bar 32.3% (135 Votes)
I expect only modest improvement - maybe mostly middle four ECAC finishes. bar 30.6% (128 Votes)
I don't expect much improvement at all, if any. bar 29.4% (123 Votes)

Total Votes: 418

RPI has narrowed their coaching search to four candidates. Which of them would you choose? (Posted 03.29.17.)

Ben Barr '04, Assistant Coach at UMass-Amherst bar 24.7% (22 Votes)
Ed Gosek, Head Coach at D-III Oswego bar 11.2% (10 Votes)
Bill Riga, Assistant Coach at Quinnipiac bar 31.5% (28 Votes)
Dave Smith, Head Coach at Canisius (Atlantic Hockey) bar 9.0% (8 Votes)
I'm not happy with any of these choices. bar 23.6% (21 Votes)

Total Votes: 89

SB Nation is suggesting someone from this short list of candidates will be RPI's new hockey coach. Which, if any, of them would you choose? (Posted 03.06.17.)

Ben Barr '04, UMass asst. coach bar 27.0% (55 Votes)
Adam Oates '85 bar 27.0% (55 Votes)
Dan Muse, Chicago Steel (USHL) coach bar 7.8% (16 Votes)
Bill Riga, Quinnipiac asst. coach bar 10.8% (22 Votes)
Kris Mayotte (Union '06), Providence asst. coach bar 1.0% (2 Votes)
Nolan Graham '03, RPI asst. coach bar 8.3% (17 Votes)
Curtis Carr, Merrimack asst. coach bar 2.0% (4 Votes)
None of these bar 16.2% (33 Votes)

Total Votes: 204

A quickie one-week only poll - how do you think RPI will fare in their playoff series at Clarkson next week? (Posted 02.25.17.)

A sweep - they'll win it in two games! bar 4.9% (3 Votes)
They'll win it in three games. bar 36.1% (22 Votes)
They'll take it to three, but they'll lose the series. bar 32.8% (20 Votes)
They'll be swept by Clarkson. bar 26.2% (16 Votes)

Total Votes: 61

It's time for our annual "Where do you think RPI will finish?" poll. Unfortunately the choices are more limited this year than most, but here we go. (Posted 01.26.17.)

I know it's a longshot, but I still think they can go on a run and make it up to 8th place! bar 28.6% (26 Votes)
They seem to be improving, so I'll say 9th or 10th place. bar 8.8% (8 Votes)
I'm a realist so I think they'll pass only Brown and take 11th place. bar 37.4% (34 Votes)
I don't see anything changing - I think they'll finish in 12th place. bar 25.3% (23 Votes)

Total Votes: 91

It hasn't been a great season so far, but let's look for positives! Which "newbie" have you been most impressed with? (Posted 12.05.16.)

Jacob Hayhurst bar 17.3% (49 Votes)
Charlie Manley bar 0.4% (1 Votes)
Jake Marrello bar 1.1% (3 Votes)
Chase Perry bar 2.5% (7 Votes)
Patrick Polino bar 3.2% (9 Votes)
Will Reilly bar 45.8% (130 Votes)
Max Reisinger bar 0.7% (2 Votes)
TJ Samec bar 0.4% (1 Votes)
Evan Tironese bar 26.4% (75 Votes)
Brady Wiffen bar 2.5% (7 Votes)

Total Votes: 284

Which of these do you think has been RPI's strongest asset so far this season? (Posted 11.02.16.)

Offense bar 9.3% (5 Votes)
Defense bar 5.6% (3 Votes)
Goaltending bar 29.6% (16 Votes)
Power play bar 1.9% (1 Votes)
Penalty kill bar 50.0% (27 Votes)
All are equally strong. bar 3.7% (2 Votes)

Total Votes: 54

We've had a brief look at this year's edition of the RPI Engineers now. Which statement best describes your early opinion? (Posted 10.04.16.)

This team looks talented and I'm expecting lots of good things from them! bar 12.0% (11 Votes)
They seem to have a lot of potential, but time will tell. bar 27.2% (25 Votes)
I think they replaced what they lost fairly well, but it won't be enough to make a difference. bar 19.6% (18 Votes)
I don't think this team has as much talent as other recent editions of the Engineers. bar 10.9% (10 Votes)
I don't have any expectations for this team. bar 30.4% (28 Votes)

Total Votes: 92

It's that time again already. Which of these statements best describes how you feel about this past RPI hockey season? (Posted 03.22.16.)

Very happy with the season as a whole, especially that home playoff series win! bar 5.6% (9 Votes)
I was satisfied overall, especially considering all the injuries they dealt with. bar 19.3% (31 Votes)
Mixed feelings - there were good moments and not so good. bar 23.6% (38 Votes)
Another season of not making it to the ECAC final four makes it a disappointing season for me. bar 41.0% (66 Votes)
Very disappointed with the season as a whole. bar 10.6% (17 Votes)

Total Votes: 161

Which returning RPI defenseman do you think has been most improved this season? (Posted 02.03.16.)

Parker Reno bar 12.2% (17 Votes)
Phil Hampton bar 51.8% (72 Votes)
Jared Wilson bar 18.0% (25 Votes)
Mike Prapavessis bar 12.9% (18 Votes)
Bradley Bell bar 0.7% (1 Votes)
Chris Bradley bar 4.3% (6 Votes)

Total Votes: 139

Now that we're well into the season, which RPI freshman are you most impressed with? (Posted 12.05.15.)

Cam Hackett bar 38.0% (54 Votes)
Tommy Grant bar 12.7% (18 Votes)
Meirs Moore bar 3.5% (5 Votes)
Evan Tironese bar 22.5% (32 Votes)
Jesper Ohrvall bar 9.2% (13 Votes)
Lonnie Clary bar 1.4% (2 Votes)
Alex Rodriguez bar 12.7% (18 Votes)

Total Votes: 142

The ECAC season is upon us. Now that we've seen RPI in action for a few games, it's time to give our opinions on how they will fare this year. (Posted 10.29.15.)

I think they're capable of some really good things - top four finish! bar 40.0% (34 Votes)
They've had a bit of a slow start, but once they get going they'll be a solid middle four team. bar 30.6% (26 Votes)
It looks to me like they might have to settle for a bottom four finish this year. bar 12.9% (11 Votes)
I really have no idea what to expect from this team at this point. bar 16.5% (14 Votes)

Total Votes: 85

As we look forward to a new season, let's take a minute to look back at a little RPI hockey history. Be warned that your answer might show your age! Which of these teams do you consider RPI's biggest rival? (Posted 10.02.15.)

Cornell - They stole Coach Harkness and copied our red and white uniforms! bar 6.6% (5 Votes)
Union - Especially with their recent upsurge, they're the team I love to hate and love to beat. bar 31.6% (24 Votes)
Clarkson - It's always been Clarkson and always will be Clarkson. "One minute and..." and all that. bar 26.3% (20 Votes)
Clarkson and Union are pretty even in my mind, but Cornell is not on the list. bar 18.4% (14 Votes)
All three - I hate the thought of losing to any of these teams! bar 17.1% (13 Votes)

Total Votes: 76

Which of these statements best describes how you feel about the recent RPI hockey season? (Posted 03.21.15.)

Very happy with the season as a whole bar 1.4% (3 Votes)
Had its ups and downs, but I was satisfied overall bar 5.6% (12 Votes)
Had its good moments, but I was disappointed overall bar 21.8% (47 Votes)
Any season where we take 4 points from Union and a playoff series from Clarkson is a good one to me! bar 4.2% (9 Votes)
Another season of not making it to the ECAC tournament makes it a bad one for me bar 18.1% (39 Votes)
Very disappointed with the season as a whole bar 47.2% (102 Votes)
None of these really expresses my opinion well bar 1.9% (4 Votes)

Total Votes: 216

Time for a new poll - and let's focus on some positives! Who among returning forwards do you thinks has most improved their game? (Posted 01.08.15.)

Riley Bourbonnais bar 26.9% (45 Votes)
Milos Bubela bar 10.8% (18 Votes)
Jimmy DeVito bar 12.6% (21 Votes)
Travis Fulton bar 7.8% (13 Votes)
Jacob Laliberte bar 7.8% (13 Votes)
Mark McGowan bar 5.4% (9 Votes)
Matt Neal bar 8.4% (14 Votes)
Mark Miller bar 6.6% (11 Votes)
Zach Schroeder bar 1.8% (3 Votes)
Jake Wood bar 12.0% (20 Votes)

Total Votes: 167

Okay, NOW we're ready to ask the big question - where do you think RPI will finish in the ECAC this year? (Posted 11.01.14.)

After seeing them handle Union, I believe they can be top four! bar 20.1% (36 Votes)
Sweeping Union was a great start, but I think they're a middle four team. bar 31.3% (56 Votes)
Union sweep or not, I bet they'll end up with a bottom four finish. bar 22.3% (40 Votes)
They're so all-over-the-place that I have no idea how they'll finish this year. bar 26.3% (47 Votes)

Total Votes: 179

Now that we've seen most of them on the ice, who among this year's freshmen are you most impressed with in the early going? (Posted 10.04.14.)

Bradley Bell bar 5.5% (5 Votes)
Kenny Gillespie bar 3.3% (3 Votes)
Sam Goodman bar 2.2% (2 Votes)
Viktor Liljegren bar 41.8% (38 Votes)
Drew Melanson bar 5.5% (5 Votes)
Louis Nanne bar 18.7% (17 Votes)
Mike Prapavessis bar 19.8% (18 Votes)
Jared Wilson bar 3.3% (3 Votes)

Total Votes: 91

What is your reaction to RPI's 2013-14 season overall, both regular season and playoffs? (Posted 03.10.14.)

Very satisfied bar 1.7% (5 Votes)
Somewhat satisfied bar 6.6% (19 Votes)
Somewhat dissatisfied bar 15.0% (43 Votes)
Very dissatisfied bar 28.2% (81 Votes)
"Dissatisfied" doesn't begin to cover it bar 43.9% (126 Votes)
I don't have an opinion one way or the other. bar 4.5% (13 Votes)

Total Votes: 287

How do you think the Engineers will fare in the ECAC playoffs this year? (Posted 03.01.14.)

I'm afraid they may have some trouble getting past Dartmouth in the first round. bar 43.1% (22 Votes)
I'm confident they'll get by Dartmouth, but they may stumble in the second round. bar 31.4% (16 Votes)
I'm expecting them to be one of the final four at the ECAC Tournament in Lake Placid. bar 17.6% (9 Votes)
Why stop there - I think they can get to the Championship game and maybe even win it all! bar 7.8% (4 Votes)

Total Votes: 51

Now that we have seen them all in action, which RPI freshman are you most impressed with thus far? (Posted 01.02.14.)

Riley Bourbonnais bar 8.3% (19 Votes)
Jimmy DeVito bar 45.2% (104 Votes)
Parker Reno bar 15.7% (36 Votes)
Jake Soffer bar 7.0% (16 Votes)
Jake Wood bar 23.9% (55 Votes)

Total Votes: 230

Where do you think RPI will finish in the ECAC this year? With their very solid start, we're going to alter our choices a little from last year. (Posted 10.26.13.)

First - I believe they can do it! bar 26.6% (45 Votes)
First or second, no lower. bar 16.6% (28 Votes)
Top four for sure, but maybe not first. bar 33.1% (56 Votes)
Lower than the top four. bar 13.0% (22 Votes)
It's too soon to tell. bar 10.7% (18 Votes)

Total Votes: 169

What do you think of the new RPI uniforms? (Check the St. Mary's game pictures or the 10/10 blog entry for pictures.) (Posted 10.10.13.)

I think they're great - I like everything about them! bar 31.3% (31 Votes)
They're pretty good, and it was time for a change. bar 13.1% (13 Votes)
They're okay, but I like the old ones better. bar 20.2% (20 Votes)
I don't really like them - there are some things I don't like about them. bar 15.2% (15 Votes)
I think they're awful - I don't like anything about them! bar 17.2% (17 Votes)
I don't have an opinion one way or the other. bar 3.0% (3 Votes)

Total Votes: 99

What RPI hockey game of the 2013-14 season are you most looking forward to? (Posted 06.06.13.)

The Big Red Freakout against Brown in February bar 17.9% (30 Votes)
The Mariucci Classic in Minnesota in January bar 14.9% (25 Votes)
Black Tuesday against Harvard in October bar 3.0% (5 Votes)
Any game against Union! bar 14.3% (24 Votes)
The first game of the season - can't wait to get it started! bar 35.1% (59 Votes)
A game not listed here bar 14.9% (25 Votes)

Total Votes: 168

Which statement about the RPI Hockey Class of 2013 do you most agree with? (Posted 04.29.13.)

They were great representatives of the program, both on and off the ice. bar 4.9% (2 Votes)
They played with grit and intensity and never gave up. bar 12.2% (5 Votes)
They improved over their time at RPI and were big contributors in their senior year. bar 12.2% (5 Votes)
They are a great group of guys. bar 7.3% (3 Votes)
All of the above! bar 63.4% (26 Votes)

Total Votes: 41

Who do you think will be named this season's MVP at RPI's Hockey Awards Banquet on April 19th? (Posted 03.29.13.)

Nick Bailen bar 37.2% (42 Votes)
Ryan Haggerty bar 2.7% (3 Votes)
Jason Kasdorf bar 22.1% (25 Votes)
Jacob Laliberte bar 4.4% (5 Votes)
C.J. Lee bar 2.7% (3 Votes)
Matt Neal bar 29.2% (33 Votes)
Someone other than these players bar 1.8% (2 Votes)

Total Votes: 113

These are the teams that RPI could potentially meet in the ECAC quarterfinals at Houston Field House on March 15-17. Which team would you like to see them play? (Posted 03.03.13.)

Brown bar 23.4% (34 Votes)
Clarkson bar 28.3% (41 Votes)
Colgate bar 4.1% (6 Votes)
Cornell bar 6.2% (9 Votes)
Princeton bar 1.4% (2 Votes)
I don't care. We're ready for anybody - bring'em on! bar 36.6% (53 Votes)

Total Votes: 145

Which returning forward do you think has improved his game the most so far this season? (Posted 01.03.13.)

Greg Burgdoerfer bar 8.1% (23 Votes)
Ryan Haggerty bar 22.5% (64 Votes)
Brock Higgs bar 4.9% (14 Votes)
Jacob Laliberte bar 22.5% (64 Votes)
C.J. Lee bar 6.3% (18 Votes)
Mark McGowan bar 7.0% (20 Votes)
Matt Neal bar 8.8% (25 Votes)
Marty O'Grady bar 2.8% (8 Votes)
Johnny Rogic bar 8.4% (24 Votes)
Zach Schroeder bar 1.8% (5 Votes)
Matt Tinordi bar 7.0% (20 Votes)

Total Votes: 285

Now that we've seen the Engineers in action a few times, where do you expect to see them finish in the ECAC this year? (Posted 11.14.12.)

Top four - I'm a believer! bar 8.3% (15 Votes)
Middle four - they'll get turned around soon. bar 35.9% (65 Votes)
Bottom four - the handwriting's on the wall. bar 44.2% (80 Votes)
I don't know what to think. bar 11.6% (21 Votes)

Total Votes: 181

Which RPI freshman are you most excited about for the 2012-13 season? (Posted 10.12.12.)

Craig Bokenfohr bar 7.1% (14 Votes)
Chris Bradley bar 8.1% (16 Votes)
Milos Bubela bar 19.3% (38 Votes)
Andrew Commers bar 10.2% (20 Votes)
Travis Fulton bar 10.7% (21 Votes)
Phil Hampton bar 3.6% (7 Votes)
Jason Kasdorf bar 18.3% (36 Votes)
Mark Miller bar 9.1% (18 Votes)
Mike Zalewski bar 13.7% (27 Votes)

Total Votes: 197

Which member of the RPI Hockey Class of 2012 did you most enjoy watching on the ice? (Posted 05.15.12.)

Alex Angers-Goulet bar 19.0% (32 Votes)
Mike Bergin bar 20.2% (34 Votes)
Jeremy Coupal bar 7.7% (13 Votes)
Patrick Cullen bar 16.1% (27 Votes)
Joel Malchuk bar 20.8% (35 Votes)
Josh Rabbani bar 11.9% (20 Votes)
Justin Smith bar 4.2% (7 Votes)

Total Votes: 168

RPI will be handing out many awards at the Hockey Banquet on May 5th. Who would you choose for this year's Most Valuable Player? (Posted 04.23.12.)

Nick Bailen bar 21.8% (12 Votes)
Mike Bergin bar 10.9% (6 Votes)
Patrick Cullen bar 1.8% (1 Votes)
Scott Diebold bar 0.0% (0 Votes)
Ryan Haggerty bar 3.6% (2 Votes)
Brock Higgs bar 25.5% (14 Votes)
Jacob Laliberte bar 3.6% (2 Votes)
CJ Lee bar 3.6% (2 Votes)
Joel Malchuk bar 3.6% (2 Votes)
Bryce Merriam bar 12.7% (7 Votes)
Marty O'Grady bar 3.6% (2 Votes)
Someone other than these choices bar 9.1% (5 Votes)

Total Votes: 55

The obvious highlight of this season was winning the first round playoff series at Clarkson to advance to the quarterfinals. Which other moment did you find most enjoyable? (Posted 03.14.12.)

Sweeping Yale and Brown on the road for the second and third ECAC wins that started the turnaround. bar 0.0% (0 Votes)
Bryce Merriam's 4-0 shutout of SLU the following week. bar 0.0% (0 Votes)
Scott Diebold's 49-save win at Colgate. bar 14.0% (8 Votes)
Sweeping Colgate and Cornell on the road to end the regular season. bar 45.6% (26 Votes)
Beating Cornell at Lynah on Senior Night. bar 29.8% (17 Votes)
RPI's strong effort in the exciting series at Union. bar 10.5% (6 Votes)

Total Votes: 57

The Engineers have been playing their best hockey of the season recently. Where do you think their season will end? (Posted 03.06.12.)

They've done great to get this far, but I think the road ends in Schenectady. bar 43.5% (20 Votes)
They'll keep it rolling - Atlantic City here we come! bar 19.6% (9 Votes)
Once they get past Union, it's clear sailing to the NCAA Regionals. bar 4.3% (2 Votes)
Oh, why not? Let's shoot high and say the Frozen Four! bar 8.7% (4 Votes)
I have no idea - I don't know what to expect from this team anymore. bar 23.9% (11 Votes)

Total Votes: 46

Who do you think RPI will face in the first round of the ECAC playoffs? (Posted 02.21.12.)

Clarkson bar 68.9% (51 Votes)
Colgate bar 6.8% (5 Votes)
Dartmouth bar 5.4% (4 Votes)
Harvard bar 9.5% (7 Votes)
Quinnipiac bar 6.8% (5 Votes)
Princeton bar 0.0% (0 Votes)
St. Lawrence bar 0.0% (0 Votes)
Yale bar 2.7% (2 Votes)

Total Votes: 74

The Engineers seem to be playing much better lately and have picked up a few ECAC wins. What do you expect from them for the rest of the season? (Posted 01.30.12.)

Continued improvement and a real shot at home ice in the playoffs. bar 22.6% (26 Votes)
More ups and downs, a few wins, but still an 11th- or 12th-place finish. bar 48.7% (56 Votes)
A return to their earlier struggles and a downhill slide. bar 8.7% (10 Votes)
It doesn't matter - it's too late. bar 20.0% (23 Votes)

Total Votes: 115

Where do you expect the Engineers to finish in the ECAC this season? (Posted 11.03.11.)

Top four - first round bye! bar 4.3% (19 Votes)
Middle four - home ice! bar 10.6% (47 Votes)
Bottom four. bar 75.6% (334 Votes)
I have no idea...yet. bar 9.5% (42 Votes)

Total Votes: 442

While the Engineers were pretty well trouncing Acadia, we got our first look at the freshman class. Which rookie are you most excited about? (Posted 10.04.11.)

Luke Curadi bar 4.5% (9 Votes)
Scott Diebold bar 16.4% (33 Votes)
Ryan Haggerty bar 26.4% (53 Votes)
Jacob Laliberte bar 21.4% (43 Votes)
Curtis Leonard bar 7.5% (15 Votes)
Mark McGowan bar 7.0% (14 Votes)
Matt Neal bar 6.0% (12 Votes)
Zach Schroeder bar 10.9% (22 Votes)

Total Votes: 201

The 2011-2012 season is almost here! How many of RPI's games are you planning to attend? (Posted 09.28.11.)

All of them! bar 22.2% (10 Votes)
All of the home games. bar 33.3% (15 Votes)
Most of the home games. bar 13.3% (6 Votes)
Just a few. bar 31.1% (14 Votes)

Total Votes: 45

At Senior Night we celebrated the careers of our graduating seniors. Which member of the senior class did you most enjoy watching? (Posted 03.04.11.)

Bryan Brutlag bar 22.7% (97 Votes)
John Kennedy bar 5.2% (22 Votes)
Jeff Foss bar 8.4% (36 Votes)
Scott Halpern bar 4.2% (18 Votes)
Tyler Helfrich bar 5.2% (22 Votes)
Kevin Beauregard bar 4.2% (18 Votes)
Chase Polacek bar 50.1% (214 Votes)

Total Votes: 427

If RPI succeeds in getting a first-round bye in the ECAC playoffs, who would you most like to face in the second round? (Posted 02.10.11.)

Cornell bar 11.2% (15 Votes)
Dartmouth bar 17.9% (24 Votes)
Princeton bar 5.2% (7 Votes)
Quinnipiac bar 6.7% (9 Votes)
Clarkson bar 17.2% (23 Votes)
I don't care - just bring 'em on! bar 41.8% (56 Votes)

Total Votes: 134

What is your Christmas wish for the Engineers? (Posted 12.27.10.)

A North Country sweep in February. bar 8.9% (20 Votes)
A victory against Cornell - at Lynah! bar 8.0% (18 Votes)
The Hobey Baker award for Chase Polacek. bar 16.4% (37 Votes)
A first-round bye in the playoffs. bar 38.2% (86 Votes)
ECAC Goaltender of the Year for Allen York. bar 8.0% (18 Votes)
A regular season finish higher than Union and Clarkson. bar 7.6% (17 Votes)
A few really talented new recruits. bar 12.9% (29 Votes)

Total Votes: 225

How has the team's performance so far compared to your pre-season expectations? (Posted 11.15.10.)

I didn't expect them to do this well - I'm pleasantly surprised! bar 60.9% (156 Votes)
This is pretty much what I expected. bar 28.5% (73 Votes)
I thought the Engineers would be doing a bit better than this. bar 6.2% (16 Votes)
I had no idea what to expect! bar 4.3% (11 Votes)

Total Votes: 256

Chase Polacek and Tyler Helfrich already seem to be on track for high-scoring seasons. Which other returning Engineer do you expect to be a major scoring threat? (Posted 10.19.10.)

Alex Angers-Goulet bar 20.7% (31 Votes)
Bryan Brutlag bar 17.3% (26 Votes)
Patrick Cullen bar 8.0% (12 Votes)
CJ Lee bar 24.0% (36 Votes)
Marty O'Grady bar 30.0% (45 Votes)

Total Votes: 150

We got our first look at the new additions to the Engineers at the Cherry and White Scrimmage. Which new player are you most excited about? (Posted 10.04.10.)

Nick Bailen bar 15.8% (16 Votes)
Greg Burgdoerfer bar 7.9% (8 Votes)
Jeremy Coupal bar 5.9% (6 Votes)
Bo Dolan bar 11.9% (12 Votes)
Brock Higgs bar 11.9% (12 Votes)
Pat Koudys bar 15.8% (16 Votes)
Guy LeBoeuf bar 6.9% (7 Votes)
Johnny Rogic bar 19.8% (20 Votes)
Matt Tinordi bar 4.0% (4 Votes)

Total Votes: 101

The Engineers finished tied for fifth in the ECACH last year, moving up six places from the previous season, but lost key underclassmen in Jerry D'Amigo and Brandon Pirri. Where do you expect the Engineers to finish in the ECACH this year? (Posted 09.21.10.)

1st through 4th place bar 42.6% (43 Votes)
5th through 8th place bar 40.6% (41 Votes)
9th through 12th place bar 12.9% (13 Votes)
I have no idea. bar 4.0% (4 Votes)

Total Votes: 101

Which member of the class of 2010 had the most impressive career at RPI? (Posted 03.10.10.)

Erik Burgdoerfer bar 24.2% (85 Votes)
Christian Jensen bar 7.1% (25 Votes)
Paul Kerins bar 47.0% (165 Votes)
Peter Merth bar 14.2% (50 Votes)
Garett Vassel bar 7.4% (26 Votes)

Total Votes: 351

How far will RPI advance in the ECAC playoffs? (Posted 02.20.10.)

First round bar 16.3% (33 Votes)
Quarterfinals bar 21.3% (43 Votes)
Semifinals bar 24.3% (49 Votes)
Championship game bar 10.9% (22 Votes)
ECAC championship bar 27.2% (55 Votes)

Total Votes: 202

Which freshman has impressed you the most so far? (Posted 12.10.09.)

Jerry D'Amigo bar 46.1% (298 Votes)
Brandon Pirri bar 22.6% (146 Votes)
CJ Lee bar 6.2% (40 Votes)
Marty O'Grady bar 20.1% (130 Votes)
Bryce Merriam bar 5.1% (33 Votes)

Total Votes: 647

With league play about to start, how do you think RPI's season has started off? (Posted 11.04.09.)

Better than I expected bar 57.9% (202 Votes)
About what I expected bar 23.2% (81 Votes)
Worse than I expected bar 8.9% (31 Votes)
Too soon to say bar 10.0% (35 Votes)

Total Votes: 349

The ECAC coaches predicted RPI would finish eighth this year, while the media picked the Engineers tenth. What's your pick? (Posted 09.30.09.)

1st bar 12.5% (44 Votes)
2nd bar 2.3% (8 Votes)
3rd bar 4.5% (16 Votes)
4th bar 11.3% (40 Votes)
5th bar 13.0% (46 Votes)
6th bar 20.4% (72 Votes)
7th bar 8.5% (30 Votes)
8th bar 4.5% (16 Votes)
9th bar 4.0% (14 Votes)
10th bar 3.4% (12 Votes)
11th bar 2.5% (9 Votes)
12th bar 7.6% (27 Votes)
No clue bar 5.4% (19 Votes)

Total Votes: 353

Which member of the 2008–09 senior class had the most impressive career at RPI? (Posted 07.01.09.)

Matt Angers-Goulet bar 23.8% (72 Votes)
Kurt Colling bar 25.2% (76 Votes)
Seth Klerer bar 4.0% (12 Votes)
Mathias Lange bar 34.4% (104 Votes)
Andrei Uryadov bar 12.6% (38 Votes)

Total Votes: 302

Who will be the first RPI player or recruit chosen in the 2009 NHL entry draft? (Posted 05.20.09.)

Jerry D'Amigo bar 51.3% (79 Votes)
Brandon Pirri bar 31.2% (48 Votes)
Someone else bar 5.2% (8 Votes)
No RPI player or recuirt will be drafted bar 12.3% (19 Votes)

Total Votes: 154

Trivia question: RPI played Harvard twice in a row this season — in Cambridge on November 4 and at home on November 7. When was the last time the Engineers played back-to-back regular season ECAC games against an opponent other than Union? (Posted 12.10.08.)

2006 bar 14.2% (57 Votes)
2004 bar 24.4% (98 Votes)
2002 bar 41.5% (167 Votes)
2000 bar 19.9% (80 Votes)

Total Guesses: 402

Answer: RPI travelled to Dartmouth on Saturday, January 26, 2002, and hosted the Big Green the next Friday, February 1.

How do you think RPI will fare in the ECAC this year? (Posted 11.05.08.)

Much improved - in the top six bar 10.1% (31 Votes)
A little better - 7-9 bar 24.5% (75 Votes)
About the same - 10-12 bar 54.2% (166 Votes)
I have no idea bar 11.1% (34 Votes)

Total Votes: 306

Which freshman are you most excited about so far? (Posted 10.22.08.)

Mike Bergin bar 6.5% (14 Votes)
Josh Rabbani bar 34.3% (74 Votes)
Justin Smith bar 1.4% (3 Votes)
Alex Angers-Goulet bar 17.1% (37 Votes)
Patrick Cullen bar 10.2% (22 Votes)
Allen York bar 18.5% (40 Votes)
Jordan Watts bar 6.0% (13 Votes)
Joe Harkenrider bar 3.2% (7 Votes)
Christian Morissette bar 2.8% (6 Votes)

Total Votes: 216

How many RPI games will you attend this year? (Posted 10.08.08.)

None bar 13.4% (18 Votes)
5 or less bar 23.9% (32 Votes)
6-10 bar 8.2% (11 Votes)
11-15 bar 10.4% (14 Votes)
16-20 bar 14.9% (20 Votes)
More than 20 bar 10.4% (14 Votes)
All of them! bar 18.7% (25 Votes)

Total Votes: 134

Which member of this year's senior class had the most impressive career at RPI? (Posted 02.21.08.)

Jordan Alford bar 17.0% (130 Votes)
Jake Morissette bar 28.1% (215 Votes)
Jonathan Ornelas bar 24.1% (184 Votes)
Andrew Lord bar 9.9% (76 Votes)
Dan Peace bar 2.2% (17 Votes)
Tyler Eaves bar 3.8% (29 Votes)
Will Neubert bar 14.8% (113 Votes)

Total Votes: 764

How would you rate RPI's performance so far this season? (Posted 01.03.08.)

Better than I expected bar 9.4% (38 Votes)
About what I expected bar 23.1% (93 Votes)
Worse than I expected bar 48.6% (196 Votes)
I don't know what to expect any more bar 18.9% (76 Votes)

Total Votes: 403

Who will win the Lightning Classic in Tampa? (Posted 12.19.07.)

Colorado College bar 32.6% (62 Votes)
Notre Dame bar 20.5% (39 Votes)
RPI bar 38.9% (74 Votes)
UMass Amherst bar 4.2% (8 Votes)
I don't even know what you're talking about bar 3.7% (7 Votes)

Total Votes: 190

Trivia question: In how many seasons did Daren Puppa have the lowest goals against average at RPI? (Posted 12.06.07.)

Zero bar 13.9% (14 Votes)
One bar 16.8% (17 Votes)
Two bar 43.6% (44 Votes)
Three bar 13.9% (14 Votes)
Four bar 11.9% (12 Votes)

Total Guesses: 101

Answer: In both of the seasons that Puppa played for the Engineers, Brian Jopling posted a lower GAA.

Who will win this year's Holiday Tournament? (Posted 11.14.07.)

Alabama-Huntsville bar 2.7% (7 Votes)
American International bar 3.1% (8 Votes)
Notre Dame bar 31.0% (80 Votes)
RPI bar 56.2% (145 Votes)
If I told you, I'd have to kill you bar 7.0% (18 Votes)

Total Votes: 258

Which freshman are you most excited about so far? (Posted 10.28.07.)

Kevin Beauregard bar 4.7% (12 Votes)
Bryan Brutlag bar 10.3% (26 Votes)
Ben Contini bar 6.7% (17 Votes)
Jeff Foss bar 14.2% (36 Votes)
Scott Halpern bar 5.9% (15 Votes)
Tyler Helfrich bar 27.7% (70 Votes)
John Kennedy bar 10.3% (26 Votes)
Joel Malchuk bar 6.7% (17 Votes)
Chase Polacek bar 13.4% (34 Votes)

Total Votes: 253

Who will win the Governor's Cup tournament on October 26 & 27? (Posted 10.21.07.)

Colgate bar 7.8% (10 Votes)
RPI bar 78.3% (101 Votes)
St. Lawrence bar 10.9% (14 Votes)
Union bar 1.6% (2 Votes)
Win the what now? bar 1.6% (2 Votes)

Total Votes: 129

Trivia question: Which current RPI hockey player attended high school in Troy? (Posted 10.14.07.)

Erik Burgdoerfer bar 5.8% (6 Votes)
Tyler Eaves bar 34.0% (35 Votes)
John Kennedy bar 19.4% (20 Votes)
Will Neubert bar 40.8% (42 Votes)

Total Guesses: 103

Answer: Will Neubert attended Troy Senior High School in Troy, Ohio.

How do you think RPI will do in the Icebreaker tournament in Minnesota? (Posted 10.05.07.)

Win it all! bar 14.7% (34 Votes)
Beat Minnesota in the semifinal, but lose the championship game bar 12.9% (30 Votes)
Lose the first game, but beat BC or Michigan in the consolation game bar 15.1% (35 Votes)
Lose both games bar 44.4% (103 Votes)
Your guess is as good as mine... bar 12.9% (30 Votes)

Total Votes: 232

RPI finished the 2006–07 season in ninth place. How do you think the Engineers will fare in 2007–08? (Posted 09.09.07.)

Much better — in the top four bar 25.8% (61 Votes)
Somewhat improved — fifth through seventh bar 54.7% (129 Votes)
About the same — eighth through tenth bar 11.0% (26 Votes)
Worse — eleventh or twelfth bar 3.0% (7 Votes)
I have no idea bar 5.5% (13 Votes)

Total Votes: 236

Would you like to see an RSS feed for rpihockey.net? (Posted 07.20.07.)

Yes bar 41.8% (56 Votes)
No bar 1.5% (2 Votes)
What's RSS? bar 56.7% (76 Votes)

Total Votes: 134

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