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20 Questions With Ryan Shields

Game Program, January 9, 2004

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

I have two sisters. Michelle (28) and Jacquie (26). The three of us are pretty close, we talk to each other about once a week.

If you were stranded with just a television and a DVD player, what 3-5 movies would you pick to have with you?

Rounders, Billy Madison, any of the Friends dvd set, Old School and Ace Ventura

What CDs are in your car?

Right now, Dave Matthews, 2-pac, West-Side Connection and Our Lady Peace

What is the last book you've read for pleasure?


Name three people you would like to have in a fox hole with you and why?

My dad because he always has a calm and collective head about his ways; any of my teammates because we back each other to the wall and Adam Sandler to keep the mood light.

Who were your favorite hockey players growing up? And now?

Growing up it was Wayne Gretzky, still love watching movies and reading books about him. I don't know if I have a favorite player right now. If I had to pick one player I would say Peter Forsberg because he is the total package. He hits, scores and passes the puck real well.

Were you really a better fighter than scorer in Juniors?

I have never been the best goal scorer and I would never shy away from dropping the mitts if the opportunity arose.

Who is the best player you have ever played with and against?

The best player I ever played with would have to be Matt Murley. The best player I have played against would be Rick DiPietro at the Under-17 Championships.

What is the most memorable game you've ever played?

I have a couple of memorable games. My first Freakout! against Vermont, the two playoff games last year at Union and every time I get to Cornell I love it.

Please describe the path you took to get to Rensselaer.

When I was 16 I moved to Kindersley, Saskatchewan, to play junior hockey. Bill Cahill saw me play out there and the recruiting process began. I had my official visit the following August and then signed my scholarship in October.

What are some of your best memories of RPI?

Every home game is a memory as well as each time we play Union and Clarkson.

Where have you improved the most during your career?

I think on being a team player. In junior I was more selfish and was looking to get recognized more by the scouts personally. Since being here at RPI I have learned to try and do whatever is asked of me for the team to be successful.

What does it mean to you to have played four years at Rensselaer?

It means a great deal to me, all the traditions that go along with playing here. Just walking down the hallway to our dressing room and seeing the pictures of all the players that have played here and moved on to the NHL is always amazing to me.

How fast has the time gone?

The past four years have been the best four years of my life. It seems like just yesterday that Benny, Swede and I were moving all our stuff into Crockett 114.

How important was the successful end of last season to the psyche of the team heading into this season?

Beating Union was by far the highlight of the season. It showed us that if we worked hard and stuck to the systems that are put in place by Coach that we can be successful. When we lost to Cornell, we saw what it takes to win in this league and every one of the players made a commitment to work hard in the summer to get ready for this season.

What will it take for the Engineers to play in the ECAC Final Four in Albany this season?

It is going to take hard work, commitment, dedication and discipline from every player in the dressing room.

How exciting would that be for you and your teammates?

Personally, that would be the highlight of my career. As a team, it would be very rewarding after all the hard work not only on the ice but in the weight room as well.

How have the deaths of Tom Cavosie and Bill Cahill affected yourself personally and the team as a whole?

They affected the RPI community. They were both great men who did anything they could for RPI. For me personally, the death of B.C. was real tough. He was the coach responsible for me being here today and trusting me enough as a person to want to bring me to this school. For the team, it is tough not to have Bill coming into the dressing room after each game and having a positive comment about the game win or lose. We will all miss the humor and good spirits that Tom brought to the rink. He always had a smile on his face.

What is the best class you have taken here at Rensselaer?

Advertising Strategy and Promotion. It is something I am very interested in for my future career.

What is your ideal career path?

I want to continue to play hockey professionally for a few years. Once I am done, I would like to own my own business and someday start a family.