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20 Questions with Scott Basiuk

Game Program, January 2, 2004

What size is your family?

Father, Dean, mother, Debbie and one sister, Dana, who is 20.

Favorite hockey team growing up?

The Edmonton Oilers. They had the dynasty and so many exciting players.

Favorite TV show while growing up?

There were so many shows, but the two that were always present were the Flintstones at lunch during the week and Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights.

Favorite TV show currently?


Favorite place to eat?

Applebees in East Greenbush.

Favorite rink to play in on the road?

New Hampshire.

Favorite hockey moment?

Being part of the Royal Bank Champs in Juniors is a highlight of my career.

Favorite RPI hockey moment?

The series-clinching game last year against Union in the playoffs and my game-winning goal against Dartmouth at Lake Placid a couple of years ago.

What are your expectations for the team for this season?

We have so many guys who are experienced that there is no reason why we can't be one of the best teams in the league. If our older guys do their jobs, and we get good contributions from our younger guys, we'll be just fine in the second half. Of course, you need good goaltending, and we have had that.

What did you learn about yourself while you were forced to sit out with an injury last season?

I learned that I don't like to sit around and watch. I hated not being able to go on the road with the boys and I missed being able to practice with them. I learned to stay in shape and be responsible for myself to stay in shape so my body was ready when my hand was healed.

Do you plan to play hockey after college?

I would like to play professionally after RPI. I love to play the game and if the opportunity arises, I would definitely jump at it.

What are your goals (career/personal) outside of hockey?

I would like to play hockey for a while, then I would like to become a golf course superintendent or start my own business. Eventually, I would like to find a house and start a family.

What was your first job?

I started working at the golf course back home when I was 14. I cleaned golf carts and washed clubs and picked up balls on the driving range for a couple of years. It was a great job and I got to spend all my extra time at the golf course.

What is the best class you have taken at Rensselaer?

I took a really good class last semester. Strategy and Police with Gary Judd was one of the best classes because the content was fresh and it was based on things that we all could relate to.

What is the most challenging class you have taken at Rensselaer?

Strategy and Policy again, it was challenging but worth it.

What makes Houston Field House so special to you?

The atmosphere. It's the banners, the fans, the clock, the band and the energy you get when you're introduced for the start of the game. It is a very special place and I am proud to say I got to play here for four years.

What does it mean to serve as a captain?

It means that you have to set an example. It means holding back on complaining when you would like to. It means you have to take on responsibility that you may have never had before. It means you have the trust of the coaching staff that you will do the right thing. It means being ready to play every day and having fun by working hard and enjoying your teammates. You have to take all of the good things you have been through and pass those stories and experiences on to the new guys to keep the traditions of the past members alive.

Entering your final semester, what feelings do you have as you look at your time at Rensselaer - both on and off the ice?

I did things the right way most of the time. I love my teammates like family members and am so lucky to have met the people I have. There are just so many good people around Rensselaer in the athletic department and management program that I feel that there is no other place like RPI and the Capital Region. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and am excited about the next few months with hockey and graduation.

Three people you would like to have dinner with (living or dead) and why?

Grandpa, because he was always fun to talk to and I would love to see him again. Wayne Gretzky, just because he knows everything about hockey right now. JFK would be the last one. I have read articles about him and learned he was such an interesting guy, not so much on the political level, but on the personal side.

Person you most admire and why?

It's definitely not Carmello Anthony, because he would have said himself for this question being the self-absorbed person he is.

There isn't really anyone I have high regard for. I think highly of people who have done what I want to do. I like to listen to what they have to say and any advice they can give.

I admire older people because they have experience and I have learned to take their advice and let it help me rather than be ignorant to their ideas.