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Reflecting on Rensselaer

Game Program, October 17, 2003

Note: the quotes from the players appear here as they did in the program, but with different pictures.

Hammarstrom"Not having much knowledge about different universities in the U.S. and their hockey programs, I did a lot of research and spoke to many people before making the decision to come to RPI. I chose RPI for its reputation of having a very respectful hockey program and because I wanted to get the very best out of my college education. Attending RPI is an opportunity and it will be beneficial for me in the future. Coming here is a decision I don't regret; it is an honor to be a part of the team and the Institute."
- Mikael Hammarstrom '04
McNeely"It has always been my dream to play at a higher level of hockey and to attain a superior education. Here at RPI, I am able to do both. I know my school will help me be successful in whatever path I take, either in a hockey career, or to pursue a future in the world of business."
- Matt McNeely '05
Pereira"After considering other possible ventures to fulfill both my academic and athletic desires it became very apparent that Rensselaer offered the most optimal fit. To have the opportunity to graduate from a prestigious school and play for one of the richest hockey programs in the nation was unmatchable. At halfway through my tenure at Rensselaer I have generated a great sense of pride and am proud to be an ENGINEER!"
- Vic Pereira '05
Basiuk"I chose Rensselaer because of the fine coaching staff and the way they make you feel like part of a family. The people involved in the athletic department, and especially the hockey team, made me feel like one of them as soon as I arrived here. With the great reputation as a top academic school, I immediately made RPI one of my top choices. I can't think of anywhere else I would rather play where I can get the whole package like at RPI. The people, the experiences, the academics, and the athletics are something you can't find anywhere else."
- Scott Basiuk '04, Captain
Economakos"I chose to attend Rensselaer for the opportunities of cultural and intellectual enlightenment it afforded me. Also, being able to play at a university with such an intense hockey tradition is more than just a privilege. It is a dream come true to wear the RPI uniform in front of such great fans at the Houston Field House."
- Nick Economakos '05
MCWilliams"I chose RPI because I felt it would give me the greatest chance to succeed - not only in hockey, but in school. I felt what I would learn would prepare me for any obstacle I would have to face."
- Keith MCWilliams '06