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Honor Won't Change RPI's Broad

By Ed Weaver

Troy Record, October 5, 2006

TROY - Kevin Broad is a quiet man. He may not fit the mold of a team captain. Or perhaps he does, depending on one's philosophy.

He's intense. And he loves Rensselaer Polytechnic Hockey.

The team officially announced on Wednesday that the senior winger will be an assistant to captain Kirk MacDonald this season.

Broad was asked if the vote of his teammates surprised him any.

"Well, I'm an older guy and it's the kind of guy I am, whether or not I have the captaincy role or not. It's who I am. Apparently, the guys voted on it and it's (also) a coach's decision but like I said, either way it went, it wasn't going to change anything, change the way I play or how I am in the lockerroom."

To be sure, Broad's intensity was a major factor.

"That's part of my game. I feel that if I don't have three or four icebags on me at the end of the game, it wasn't a good game."

Appert says Broad's "leadership comes out immediately. His teammates respect his work ethic and his passion for the game and that can be contagious. He gives everything he has to the program."

Broad, a Humboldt, Sask. native, once told reporters that, "RPI Hockey has and always will be a family."

That quote has often been repeated.

Appert also says Broad can keep the players' intensity and mental approach high.

"That's part of Kirk's and my job is that, when we notice that we're down and maybe not going as hard as we should, the guys look to us ... and the entire senior class, to step it up and get things going."

"He's a young man who has a lot of natural leadership abilities who really cares for his teammates," Appert said.

Broad learned his leadership from two soft-spoken RPI captains, Scott Basiuk and Ben Barr.

"When I came in as a freshman and I looked up to Bas and Benny," Broad said. "They were great captains. It's a big change when you're coming up from juniors; I think the biggest is for the freshmen."

"If you see a (freshman) guy having a bad day, you pull him aside and let him know that you've been there before, that things happen, (he's) probably going to have a couple bumps along the way but as leaders, we've got to keep the team together, 26 guys, and come prepared every game as best we can, to win."

With 18 goals and 12 assists for 30 points in 94 games, Broad hasn't been a big scorer. But he's shown flashes.

He had a seven-game stretch last season when he scored four goals, then he got hurt, missed 14 games, had abdominal surgery and didn't return until the second playoff game, scoring a goal as the Engineers were upset by 10th-seeded Quinnipiac.

"I felt like I was coming around after Christmas, starting to contribute offensively and help out," he said. "But, you know, that's the way things go. It's been a long road back after the surgery. It's been a long summer."

"You just have to bounce back and hopefully this year I'll pick up where I left off and contribute more offensively than I have in the past."

The Engineers were severely hampered last season when leading scorer Kevin Croxton and offensive defenseman Brad Farynuk were injured.

Perhaps if Broad had remained healthy, he could have lessened those losses.

"Well, we'll never know," he said with a chuckle. "At that point, we had so many (seven regulars), we would have been happy with any bodies back in the lineup. But we had guys step up and play and get a chance that maybe wouldn't have. They did a good job and they're only going to be better players for it, because of the experience they had."

Broad scored a pair of goals for the losing White team in RPI's annual Red-White Scrimmage game, one on a nifty move through two defenders with a backhander under the goaltender.

Was that a sign of things to come?

"I don't know," he said. "We'll see," he said. "Again, it's a confidence builder but then again, it's just playing against your own teammates."

"But like I said, hopefully I can contribute more offensively and not just stand in front of the net and take a beating, trying to tip a few in. Hopefully, I can let the shot go a few more times and try to get more scoring opportunities."