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MacDonald Thrilled to Be Back on the Ice

By Ed Weaver

Troy Record, August 29, 2006

TROY - Kirk MacDonald's fight with testicular cancer taught him some life lessons.

"You've got to take some things in stride," he said. "I don't make things such a big deal like I used to; the workouts, the training, the skating ..."

"You don't have a good day and you feel bad but, hey, I've felt a whole lot worse," he said.

Returning to the Rensselaer lineup has been MacDonald's biggest motivation.

"Some people hear the word cancer and they think, 'hey, this guy's not going to be able to do that again' but in my mind it was never in doubt. That's what keeps you motivated."

"Whatever you do in life, whether it's playing college hockey or you're some sort of professional (such as), a teacher, or whatever. That's what you strive to do, get back to what you were doing before and hopefully learn some lessons from the experience."

"Live a better life than you did before, that's how I look at it," he said.

The Victoria, B.C. native says he's totally cancer-free.

"I just go in for checkups every couple months," he said. "They told me, if there's anything, you feel tired or anything, go see the doctor. But ... I have tons of energy and I feel great."

Even first-year assistant coach Shawn Kurulak is touched by MacDonald's comeback.

"It's a special story," Kurulak said. "People want to hear about it, they want to talk about it, and they should, because Kirk's a special, special person. He's overcome a lot and I know he's just happy to be back on the ice."