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A Fond Farewell to Rensselaer's Seven Seniors

Game Program, February 24, 2006

In preparation for this weekend's final regular season home series, the Rensselaer men's hockey Class of 2006 - Kevin Croxton, Brad Farynuk, Chris Hussey, Keith MCWilliams, Scott Romfo, Alexander Valentin and Mark Yurkewecz - was asked to reflect on the following question: "What has made your time at RPI special?" Below are many of their responses.


The people surrounding the program have made my time here unbelievable. From the staff at RPI to the people that help the players out just for the pure love of the program. It's so special when you go to away games and see the same faces as when you're skating around in warm up at the Field House. It really helps to create a family atmosphere away from home.

The other thing that has made my time so special is the guys that I have played with over the past four years. I've met and made friends with people that I'll keep in touch with for the rest of my life. Other teams that Iíve been on have never been this close, usually it's just different groups of smaller friends, but with this team everyone gets along and hangs out together and it has really been a special experience.


I think that the most special thing about Rensselaer is the people. There have been so many special people that have really reached out and helped me grow as a person; from our coaches, professors, scholarship donors, alumni, and most of all, my teammates. I left my family very far away in order to come here and play, but as soon as I arrived here I was welcomed into an amazingly new and diverse family. This is a family that not only challenged me, but at the same time, made me do nothing but smile. I can't thank my teammates enough for the incredible memories that they've given me and for making me smile or laugh everyday that I've been a player here. Also, Coach Fridgen and our various assistant coaches have given me such a wonderful opportunity to improve myself as a player, student, leader, and most importantly, as a person.

All of the friends and inspirational people that I have met here have been so supportive and motivating, that I will never forget my experiences here and RPI will always be a part of me. On behalf of the senior class, I want everyone to know how much we appreciate the overwhelming support over the past four years and thank you so much for helping us prepare for our future endeavors.


The opportunity to be a part of a Division I college program with the reputation that RPI has, while earning an education at one of the top universities in the country and knowing I made the most of my time spent here.


I consider just being a Division I student athlete here at RPI very special. There aren't many people who get an opportunity to play at the highest amateur level and receive a top-notch education. RPI has a rich hockey tradition and to be able to have worn the Engineer logo with pride, along with so many other great hockey players, is indescribable. The Rensselaer education I received will provide me with many more successes in my professional life. Another aspect of why my time at Rensselaer has been so special is the support provided by hockey fans and the Rensselaer community as a whole. The people associated with this institution made these past four years truly remarkable for me. There are countless numbers of people who made this like a second home for me and I am truly grateful. I am truly blessed to have been part of the Rensselaer legacy which includes hockey, academics, and friends.


Like myself, many people would say it's the friendships that have made my time here so special, but there is more to it. I think it's the friendships I've lost. The tough times. I think it's those kinds of things that help you realize what being at RPI means and how much your teammates mean.

The thing that has made my experience most special is: the unique people, Monday classes on Tuesdays, unpredictable snow storms, being the only team here over break, Saturday morning workouts, everything, the good and the bad. The diversity and reality of it all. It's the opportunity to grow up with seven other guys you see as family.


I think that many things made my time special here at RPI. First I have to mention all my teammates during my four years here. It was awesome to play hockey almost every day with a great bunch of guys like them. It was a lot of fun. Also, the overall experience at school in a foreign country made my time here very special. I don't know what else I can say, because everything here made my time special and I will keep great memories of time spent here at RPI and all the people I've met here.